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Food Service Ministry Steps to Success

Food Service Ministry is a new idea for many churches, but the Global Association of Christian Hospitality Professionals (GACHP) is the first–and only–professional church food service organization available to churches who want to get involved in this area of ministry. This article addresses the many ways you can take advantage of this organization’s resources, and the fast track I recommend for lasting success.

The GACHP has been proud to be able to Inspire and Equip hundreds of Christian Hospitality Professionals around the nation for the past eleven years. However, like any organization, we can only offer the services and programs that we have, we can’t force them on the individuals involved with us and nor would we want to. Everyone is on their own journey in growth process, which means that everyone is at a different place in their ministry and in the service careers.

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Candidate Reject Your Salary Offer? Here’s What You Should Do.

Hiring managers and owners throughout the hospitality industry have seen it: after a long search and several interviews, they find a top manager candidate who seems like a great fit - only to have the candidate turn down the offered salary.

While money isn’t the primary consideration on every manager’s list, it’s certainly one of the items the best candidates consider when pondering a job offer. How your company responds when an initial salary offer is turned down does two things: it demonstrates how well you’re willing to work with the candidate and how much you value what they have to offer. When handled correctly, an initial rejection can turn into a “yes” that satisfies both parties.

What should you do when a candidate rejects an initial salary offer? Consider these three options:

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