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Improve your story, change your ministry.

Can you have a good ministry without a clear brand story? Well, yes. Or can you? The local church down the road is likely a great church, but do you know what makes them unique? What would compel you to attend services regularly, get involved in events, support financially or even volunteer there? How about establishments in your community? Your local dry cleaners, the bank down the street, that new pizza place, the tire repair shop – why do we frequent them? We visit these places because we want something from them, not because we align with their passion and want to join their mission or help them grow. Is your ministry that way? Do people associate your service as something to gain rather than something to support? If you feel like all you do is pour out but very little gets poured back in to your ministry it probably has to do with the story you are telling.

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“Confessions of a Former Follower”

I have to confess something to all of you today. I have to admit that when I was asked to read this book I thought, "Cool, I'll read this. I'll get a little confirmation that I'm not just a fan of Jesus but I'm a really committed follower”. Or so I thought.             

The truth is I was a committed follower a while ago but somewhere along the way, slowly but surely, I had lost my first love. I wasn't passionately pursuing Christ anymore. Instead, I have become a professional Christian. It didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow and gradual process. Working for my church for 13 years was truly the greatest years of my career and I can honestly say even today that I would not trade those years for a million dollars. However, somewhere between working yet another Wednesday night fellowship dinner, making sure there were enough ushers for Easter, making sure there was enough coffee ready for all the Sunday School classes and the countless other ways I was serving Christians, I had lost my passion for Jesus, the one in whom I was serving for. Those of you who know me, know that I am the guy who always proudly said that I think Martha gets a bad rap and that someone has to be busy in the kitchen so that Mary and everyone else gets to enjoy sitting at Jesus’ feet.

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